Screw and rotary vane compressors

Screw compressors — advantages

Modern noise absorption supports provide effective noise protection, high-class vibration isolators offer the ability to place machines on the floor without a special foundation.

At the exit of the screw compressor, the compressed air is already largely purified. The compressors are characterized by a fully automated operation: start star/delta, overload protection and temperature sensor as well as alarms excessive contamination of air and oil filters.

Each machine has a standard compressed air connection, making it easy to connect the connector to the grid. In winter it is possible to use the warm air to heat the space. The construction of compressors guarantees the safety of both workers and machines. The information system on the need to perform maintenance work is intuitive and simple.

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Rotary vane compressors

A vane rotary compressor, as well as a piston and screw compressor, refers to a type of volumetric compressor, ie. its work is based on capturing air and compressing it by reducing the volume. When the compressor comes into operation, the suctioned outside air, which passes through the inlet filter, enters the so-called «rotor stator unit». This block consists of an empty cylinder — a stator, inside which a rotor is installed — a metal cylinder, with metal blades sliding on a film of oil.