Professional piston and domestic compressors

Benefits of reciprocating compressors:

Nowadays, despite the number of various compressor equipment based on different principles of operation, reciprocating air compressors are still the most common and in demand. They are used in many manufacturing enterprises, construction organizations, car services, as well as for household needs. This is all due to the availability of reciprocating compressors, their practicality, as well as ease of maintenance and repair. Reciprocating compressors can provide a wide range of air compression levels, from 6-8 atmospheres, up to several tens. Thanks to these features, the reciprocating air compressor is the optimal solution for small businesses that do not have a constant need for large volumes of compressed air.


Compared to more modern screw and rotary vane compressors, oil-filled reciprocating compressors have significant disadvantages. Their main drawback is the high content of oil and water vapors in the final compressed air, which can only be removed with the help of additional equipment, as well as piston compressors are quite noisy and costly in terms of electricity. Unfortunately, manufacturers have not been able to eliminate these shortcomings in view of the design features of air piston technology. However, due to attractive prices and ease of maintenance, as well as due to the mobility of some models, reciprocating air compressors are in great demand in the compressor equipment market.