Piston compressors

How to choose the right compressor

Very often, when buying a compressor, the same mistake is made – the compressor is selected incorrectly in terms of performance. In this article, we will consider this issue in detail.

You should know that in the compressor passport, the manufacturer indicates the inlet performance – this is a theoretical value determined by the design of the unit (the number and diameter of pistons, their stroke, revolutions on the compressor shaft). For the user, another performance, output, or how much air enters the receiver per unit of time is more important. For a compressor with a belt drive, it is 65-75% of the declared by the manufacturer, these are models for industrial use. For models without a belt, this figure is even less – 50-65%, these are models “for home”, not for intensive use. This parameter is decisive when choosing a compressor.
The operating mode of modern piston-type compressors is intermittent. The maximum operating cycle (this is the sum of the operating time and the waiting time) should be no more than 10 minutes, with a load of 60% for belt-driven compressors, and 50% for household models.
Consider an example: there is equipment that consumes 500 liters per minute, for the compressor to operate normally, we increase this number by 40% and we get an output capacity equal to 700 liters per minute. A compressor with an engine power of 5.5 kW has approximately the same capacity.
Note that the choice of the type and power of the compressor is an important point, and in case of difficulties it is better to contact the specialists of our company.