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Operating principle: Rotary vane compressors, are volumetric type compressors, i.e. his work is based on the capture of air and its compression, by decreasing the volume, piston and screw compressors are similar, according to the principle of action,. When the compressor is running, the air that is sucked in from the outside, passing through the inlet filter, enters the so-called “rotor-plate unit”. This block consists of a hollow cylinder – stator, inside of which a rotor with steel plates installed in special grooves, which, thanks to centrifugal force, slide along the walls of the stator with a gap on the thickness of the oil film and provide maximum compression. Принцип действия: Роторно-пластинчатые компрессоры- это компрессоры объемного типа, т.е. его работа основана на захвате воздуха и сжатии его, путем уменьшения объема, аналогичные по принципу действия являются  поршневые и винтовые компрессоры. При работе компрессора воздух, засасывающийся снаружи, проходя через впускной фильтр, попадает в так называемый «роторный-пластинчатый блок». Этот блок состоит из полого цилиндра — статора, внутри которого установлен ротор с находящимися в специальных пазах стальными  пластинками, которые, благодаря центробежной силе, скользят по стенкам статора с зазором в толщину масленой пленки и обеспечивают максимальную компрессию.

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Buy a compressor in Moldova

Finally, our company became a representative of one of the leading manufacturers and pioneers in the development and production of rotary vane compressors – the Italian company “ING ENEA MATTEI” In each model range of Mattei compressors, you can choose the best option with the specified technical characteristics, high reliability and efficiency of the solution used. Since 1958, ING ENEA MATTEI specialists have developed unique technologies, that make Mattei compressors extremely reliable, up to 100,000 hours of working process, but at the same time easy to operate and maintain. Almost all Mattei compressors have a direct drive, which increases the efficiency of the unit, due to the exclusion of belts from the circuit electric motor-unit bundle.электродвигатель-агрегат.

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Airpol Compressor Manufacturing Company is the largest Polish manufacturer supplying modern and highly efficient systems for the production and treatment of compressed air. Airpol manufactures compressors for the production of air and other gases, blowers, nitrogen generators, selects compressed air treatment systems (filters, dryers, dehydrators, etc.), installs compressed air systems.


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